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  • How to choose a business card holder?

    No matter what kind of work, the process of exchanging business cards is indispensable. When you take out a clean business card from the exquisite business card holder, the other party has silently affirmed in your heart. Therefore, a fine business card holder is the best destination for business cards. Then I will introduce several common business card holder materials.…
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  • History of business card holders

    As a carrier of concentrated display of personal information, for business people, a chic business card may be the first step to open an important business door. And if you pull out a business card from a bloated wallet or from your pocket, it feels casual or immature-at this time, you need a business card holder that matches you. "Every…
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  • How to choose the wallet that suits you?

    Last time I introduced the classification of wallets. Faced with so many different types of wallets, how should we choose the wallet that suits us? This time I will lead everyone to see how we should choose to face so many wallets Choice of wallet: 1. A good wallet must be made of natural leather, whether it is ordinary cowhide,
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  • Tipe beursie

    beursies, Beursie in Engels, word gebruik om geld te hou, en baie mense ook sit ID-kaarte of rybewyse. Moderne mense gebruik papiergeld. Die woord Wallet beteken 'n plat pakkie met papiergeld. tipe beursie: bors Wallet (bors beursie, lang beursie, teoreties bekend as 'n bors sak is nie 'n probleem) Hierdie vierkantige smal beursie is 'n klassieke styl, die geld…
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