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History of business card holders

As a carrier of concentrated display of personal information, for business people, a chic business card may be the first step to open an important business door. And if you pull out a business card from a bloated wallet or from your pocket, it feels casual or immature-at this time, you need a business card holder that matches you. “Every job you do with your customers will inevitably give you frequent business cards. Business cards are an effective tool for you to connect with others. Unless you only need to work in T-sleeve jeans and work hard, whether you wear casual clothes or formal clothes At work, you need to make your business card look as smart as you. It is the best publicity of personal brand, and also a leading factor that affects the development of the workplace. If you do not want to stuff business cards into bloated wallets, or When you meet potential customers, you don’t want to pull out business cards from the messy invoices and shopping receipts in your pants pocket; if you are in a suit and leather shoes, you are meeting important customers-then you need a business card holder that matches you.

Brief History of Business Cards The original business card appeared as a name card for European nobles to visit each other. The nobleman sent the business card to the home of the other party he wanted to visit, and then patiently waited for the other party to return the business card as an invitation. If the other party did not return the business card, Or if your business card is returned in an envelope, it means that the other party does not want to be interviewed.
Earlier European noble business cards This kind of business card was very common among European nobles, and even royal families would use it. With the business card as the basis, these noble servants can determine whether the visitor should be welcomed or turned away without having to report anything, and the visitor will not directly disturb the host or invite him or her. Unlike business cards, which are commonly used today for business purposes, these well-made cards did not include any address information or contact information. Noble celebrities usually add embossed letters, logos or heraldic engravings to business cards in order to highlight their identity. In addition, business cards are stored in boxes made of precious metal with decorations and even more luxury. Aristocratic business card holders with fine patterns Business card holders are now divided into two types: metal and leather. Of course, there are other materials, such as knitted fabrics.

1. Metal business card holders Metal business card holders are most commonly found in North America. Materials range from very cheap metals to precious metals such as gold, rhodium or other precious metals. More advanced decoration, such as two-tone or business card holder set with diamonds, rubies, or pearls.
2. Leather business card holder
Personally, leather business card holders are more elegant than gold, rhodium or silver business card holders. Although most holsters use a metal skeleton, some holsters have no built-in metal skeleton. They have a lighter texture and can even slide into a personal pocket effortlessly.
3. Canvas business card holder
When the business card holder becomes a fashionable trinket, the casual version of canvas material brings a lot of patterns and colors, adding icing on the dress.

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