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How to choose the wallet that suits you?

Last time I introduced the classification of wallets. Faced with so many different types of wallets, how should we choose the wallet that suits us? This time I will lead everyone to see how we should choose to face so many wallets
Choice of wallet: 1. A good wallet must be made of natural leather, whether it is ordinary cowhide, lizard or crocodile leather, nylon or the like is not considered, even if it is functional. Of course, the coating exception of LV

2. The requirements of a good wallet are similar to those of a briefcase, and the quality is excellent. The line should be straight, the left and right sides should be balanced, the creases, corners, and edging should be fine, uniform, strong and durable. A good wallet can also be used for many years.
3. Good wallets are concise, elegant, and durable. They pay attention to details. They will not sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. They will not have fragmentary items such as rivets. The color of men’s wallets should be black, brown, dark red, etc.
4, choose the style of wallet needs to be based on their own clothing and occasions, often wearing denim, tide clothes to work that casual. If you often wear formal clothes, it is recommended to choose the first wallet Breast Wallet. This wallet will be thinner. It is most suitable for clothes with inner pockets such as a suit. It can also be placed in the inner pocket of your jacket without a bag Without bulging the chest.
5. If you often wear a suit and want to be elegant and decent, please try to streamline the contents of your wallet as much as possible, keep the minimum card, do n’t put too much cash, make the wallet as thin as possible, whether you have money is not based on the thickness of your wallet To judge. The popular luxury big brands with zippers are wallets that are only used for travel. Usually they are not suitable. Such heavy wallets are usually a bit vulgar. Don’t put everything in your wallet, it’s a big loss if you drop or steal it. If you have coins to buy, please purchase a coin purse separately.
6. The ideal elegant dress is that the wallet will not be on your body. It should be put in the briefcase with your keys and the like, because unless you are custom-made clothes, you have already considered your inner pockets when you cut them. Into your wallet, otherwise the shape of your clothes may be slightly different, especially for light summer clothes. Of course, this is just the ideal state. Modern society may not be so particular about it. I also put the inner bag in my own pocket.
7. After putting the inner bag of the light suit in the wallet in summer, it is easy to cause the left and right imbalance of the clothes. The weight on one side will be important. At this time, you can put an iPhone on the inside of the other side to avoid the left and right imbalance of the light clothes.
8. The two-fold wallet is not suitable for the inner bag, because it will be thick, but it is not a good choice to put in the butt pocket. In addition to looking particularly unattractive, it is also easy to attract thieves. In addition to the two-fold or three-fold wallet, in addition to being too thick, it can not hold much money and things, there is a problem is that money can not be folded, you must earnestly treat money to make more money. Of course it’s just a legend, but it looks comfortable and clean with no creases.

Post time: 2020-03-08