• Etu ị ga - esi họrọ onye na - ejide kaadị azụmahịa?

    N'agbanyeghị ụdị ọrụ, usoro nke ịgbanweta kaadị azụmahịa dị mkpa. Mgbe iwere kaadị azụmaahịa dị ọcha n'aka onye jidere kaadị azụmaahịa dị mma, onye nke ọzọ ejiri nwayọ kwupụta n'obi gị. Ya mere, ezi onye na-ejide kaadị azụmaahịa bụ ebe kachasị mma maka kaadị azụmaahịa. Then I will introduce several common business card holder materials. 1. When buying metal, the first consideration is its structure. Take a few minutes to try it out and check the hinges, hardware, and interfaces for each activity. After all, it has to withstand repeated use every day. The second factor to consider is the quality of the metal-if you don't want to pull a business card out of a…
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  • Akụkọ banyere ndị ji kaadị azụmahịa

    Dị ka a ụgbọelu nke lekwasị ngosi nke ozi nkeonwe, maka ndị ọchụnta ego, kaadị azụmahịa nwere ike bụrụ nke mbụ iji mepee ụzọ azụmaahịa dị mkpa. Ma ọ bụrụ na ị dọpụta kaadị azụmahịa site na obere akpa ma ọ bụ n'akpa uwe gị, ọ na-adị nkịtị ma ọ bụ na-eto eto-n'oge a, ị chọrọ onye ji kaadị azụmahịa gị nke ga-adaba gị. "Every job you do with your customers will inevitably give you frequent business cards. Business cards are an effective tool for you to connect with others. Unless you only need to work in T-sleeve jeans and work hard, whether you wear casual clothes or formal clothes At work, you need to make your business card look as smart as you. It…
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  • Etu ị ga-esi họrọ obere akpa gị?

    Oge ikpeazụ m webatara ọkwa nke obere akpa. Kpaara ụdị ụdị obere akpa dị iche iche, kedu ka anyị ga - esi họrọ obere akpa ga - adabara anyị? Oge a ka m ga - eduru onye ọ bụla ka ọ hụ otu anyị ga - esi họrọ ihu ọtụtụ wallets Nhọrọ nke obere akpa: 1. A ga-eji ezigbo akpụkpọ anụ mee ezigbo obere akpa, ma ọ bụ nkịtị cowhide, lizard or crocodile leather, nylon or the like is not considered, even if it is functional. Of course, the coating exception of LV 2. The requirements of a good wallet are similar to those of a briefcase, and the quality is excellent. The line should be straight, the left and right sides should be balanced, the creases, corners, and edging…
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  • Ofdị obere akpa

    Obere akpa, Obere akpa in English, eji eji ego, ọtụtụ mmadụ na-etinyekwa kaadị ID ma ọ bụ akwụkwọ ikike ịnya ụgbọ ala. Ndị nke oge a na-eji ego akwụkwọ. Okwu Wallet pụtara mpempe akwụkwọ dị larịị nke nwere ego akwụkwọ. Dị obere akpa: Ara obere akpa (obere akpa, obere akpa, a na-akpọkarị akpa ara adịghị nsogbu) Nke a akụkụ obere warara akụkụ anọ dị warara, the money inside does not need to be folded, and can be placed neatly. In addition to putting money, you can also put some notes. Checks are more popular abroad, so they are also used to put checks. The purpose of this wallet design is to put it in the inner chest pocket of your clothes. If you have coin change, you…
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