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  • How to choose a business card holder?

    No matter what kind of work, the process of exchanging business cards is indispensable. When you take out a clean business card from the exquisite business card holder, the other party has silently affirmed in your heart. Therefore, a fine business card holder is the best destination for business cards. Then I will introduce several common business card holder materials.…
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  • History of business card holders

    As a carrier of concentrated display of personal information, for business people, a chic business card may be the first step to open an important business door. And if you pull out a business card from a bloated wallet or from your pocket, it feels casual or immature-at this time, you need a business card holder that matches you. "Every…
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  • How to choose the wallet that suits you?

    Last time I introduced the classification of wallets. Faced with so many different types of wallets, how should we choose the wallet that suits us? This time I will lead everyone to see how we should choose to face so many wallets Choice of wallet: 1. A good wallet must be made of natural leather, whether it is ordinary cowhide,
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  • Jinis wallet

    dompet, Dompet ing Inggris, digunakake kanggo terus dhuwit, and many people also put ID cards or driver's licenses. wong Modern nggunakake dhuwit kertas. Tembung Dompet tegese paket warata ngemot dhuwit kertas. jinis dompet: Dompet susu (wallet dodo, wallet dawa, miturut teori disebut tas susu wis ora masalah) wallet panah persegi iki gaya klasik, the money…
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