कसे व्यवसाय कार्ड धारक निवडा?

हरकत नाही काय काम प्रकारचे, व्यवसाय कार्ड देवाणघेवाण प्रक्रिया हक्क आहे. आपण उत्कृष्ट व्यवसाय कार्ड धारकाकडून स्वच्छ व्यवसाय कार्ड बाहेर घेता तेव्हा, इतर पक्ष शांतपणे आपल्या अंत: करणात दावा आहे की, आहे. म्हणून, a fine business card holder is the best destination for business cards. मग मी अनेक सामान्य व्यवसाय कार्ड धारक साहित्य करेल.

1. तेव्हा खरेदी धातू, प्रथम विचार त्याची रचना आहे. तो बाहेर प्रयत्न काही मिनिटे लागू शकतील आणि hinges तपासा, हार्डवेअर, आणि प्रत्येक क्रियाकलाप संवाद. शेवटी, तो प्रत्येक दिवस वारंवार वापर withstand करण्यासाठी आहे. The second factor to consider is the quality of the metal-if you don’t want to pull a business card out of a rust or discolored business card holder. Also, it is recommended to find someone who provides warranty or refund services. It is more important to spend more on quality assurance than on carving.
2. Choose leather business card holders, from basic artificial leather to exotic leathers, such as crocodile, ostrich and even lizard, there are many different colors and patterns to choose from. If you are looking for a basic model, it is recommended to try leather instead of imitation leather, and be sure to choose a slightly thicker leather business card holder for durability.
3. Lock, how to lock the business card holder is another problem that needs attention. The open type business card holder is easy to get ash. Many business card holders then use magnetic stickers and locks to safely isolate the dust from the outside world. If you don’t want to make unnecessary struggles to open or close the business card holder, it is recommended to check more to ensure that the lock is closed smoothly, and whether you buy or customize, you must ensure that the size of the business card holder and business card are exactly matched.
The business card holder is also an extension of personal style and appearance. If you wish, you can have multiple business card holders to match different styles of clothes and adapt to different social occasions.
I just hope that after reading this article, you will use a business card holder that is both decent and personal, to place your business card, rather than leaving it creased in a wallet or pocket.

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