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Portfele, Portfel w języku angielskim, służą do przechowywania pieniędzy, and many people also put ID cards or driver’s licenses. Współcześni ludzie używają pieniędzy papierowych. Słowo portfel oznacza płaską paczkę zawierającą papierowe pieniądze.
Rodzaj portfela: Portfel piersi (portfel na piersi, długi portfel, teoretycznie nazywany woreczkiem na piersi to żaden problem) Ten prostokątny wąski portfel to klasyczny styl, pieniądze w środku nie muszą być składane, i można go starannie umieścić. Oprócz stawiania pieniędzy, możesz też umieścić notatki. Czeki są bardziej popularne za granicą, więc są również używane do wystawiania czeków. Celem tego projektu portfela jest umieszczenie go w wewnętrznej kieszeni na piersiach ubrania. Jeśli masz wymianę monet, you need to prepare another coin purse. This coin is not suitable for this kind of wallet.

Bi-fold Wallet
This half-fold wallet is very popular because it can reduce the size. Banknotes will be folded once because the wallet is folded in half, and some models will also have a coin pocket to hold some coins.
Tri-fold Wallet
As the name suggests, it is a tri-fold wallet. It is similar to a half-fold wallet. The area can be greatly reduced, but it will be quite thick. It will be thick even if there are not many things. I do n’t know where to put this wallet, only the bag. It ’s inside, but it does n’t seem that you need to shrink the area significantly.
Money Clip
There is no built-in space, and there are no separate clips. They are generally made of metal or metal plus leather. Due to their light weight and small size, many people like to use them in summer when they have few pockets.
Long Wallet
This wallet looks similar to Breast Wallet, but it is relatively large and looks much thicker. It is generally used in jeans and has a heavy metal style. It usually has a chain or strap attached to the waist. This rough style is very popular in the United States. popular. In countries such as Japan and China where cash is used a lot, Long Wallet is often confused with Breast Wallet, which is long anyway.
Travel Wallet
Travel wallets will be larger, with more functions and division intervals, because documents needed for travel, such as passports, air tickets, boarding passes, currencies of various countries, and even traveler’s checks, itineraries, etc., need to be put together. Travel purses usually have zippers, and sometimes they are easy to confuse with smaller handbags. Oczywiście, modern people are not so particular about them.
Money Belt
The wallet is used to put money and tell you where the money is. The money belt is used to hide money. A normal-looking belt has one to a few small pockets on the inside, which can hold some money. Only small things can be placed in the belt of the pants. Plastic bags are hanging on the waist, neck, and ladiesbras. These can be called Money Belt, of course, Neck pouch, Bra pouch and so on. This kind of Money Belt is usually used in many places in the United States, especially when traveling.
Money Bag
Money bags are no longer used. The ancient Chinese used silver and gold, and the foreigners used gold, silver, and copper coins in the Middle Ages, so they all used money bags and carried them in their arms.
Sporran (fur bag, leather sac)
Sporran is only used by Scots and is only used by men. It is part of the traditional Scottish Highland gown and has standard accessories. Since traditional kilts have no pockets, a fur bag is used as a wallet and container to hold the necessary personal items and hang it on the crotch. Sporran meanswalletin Scottish Gaelic.

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