Beauty starts with the details

Beauty starts with the details

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Quality Control at Boson

We at Boson are manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a department specializing in quality control to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments? work in tandem in each and every phase and process, including the assemblage, forming, inspection and packaging process ??together they ensure the quality of the final product.



Every card holder will use the CNC high light process on the edge so that protect the credit card from scratch when it pop up. The use experience is better and the reliability of the product is greatly improved.

#100% Quality Inspection

The card holder have been checking the pop up system, surface cleaning & cards fall down before packed. We have 3 of QC group and checking every one.

#Card holder test report


#zipper test

The wallet will have professional zipper tester during production. Normally we will test 30 times in a mins. This test the smoothly and press of zipper and help us to pick up the nice used experience zipper to our client.

#leather clean

To make sure leather is no duty and clean, our worker are cleaning wallet one by one very carefully before packed. When the client received the wallet, it will nice package & new.


#Sturdy packaging

International transportation is full of risk. Before shipping, we will use 5 layer exportation box to packed the carton and then it will wrapped by bubble paper. It will double protect the carton from damage.