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ٻوٽو اعلي معيار جي چمڙي جي ڪارڊ هولڊر جي پيداوار تي توجه ڏئي ٿو ,چمڙي جو پرس, آر ايف ڊي والٽ, اليومينم ڪارڊ هولڊر.


Making that first impression count is all about defining Color, Style, Package. We can help you with all of this.
When it comes to wallet, اھو ڊزائن جو معيار آھي جيڪو توھان جي شيءَ کي ڇڏي ٿو يا گھڙي ٿو. توهان کي پنهنجي خيال کي عملي طور تبديل ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڏيڻ لاءِ تخليقي ڊيزائن ٽيم جي ضرورت آهي…


We have an effective system in place that ensures the prompt development of wallet and we also have our R&D Division. The primary objective of our R&D lies in promoting crossover research between the global trends in the wallet industry and the go-to market strategy provided for our clients.
This has allowed us to amalgamate manufacturing technologies and ideas with our own

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We supply the services you need
We have a professional team among of production , design photography, and more than 100 deeply cooperative and reliable suppliers in China that provides you customization service in rapidly

ڪارڊ ھولڊر ٺاھڻ

The Engineering Behind the Modern Aluminum card holder A manufacturing process to fulfill your specific card holder order.
Customization: سموري پراڊڪٽ حسب ضرورت بڻائي سگهجي ٿي. توھان پنھنجو واپاري نشان پيداوار ۾ شامل ڪري سگھوٿا, پئڪيج, مهرباني ڪارڊ ۽ بروشر…


We at Boson are manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a department specializing in quality control to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments​ work in tandem in each and every phase and process, including the assemblage, forming, inspection and packaging process —together they ensure the quality of the final product


Our After-Sales Department will help you if you have any questions or problems – the range of services at your disposal includes everything from start-up to product returns. If necessary, a member of our staff will be on the site within a very short period of time to work together with you and to take care of your issues and interests. Our employees in after-sales service are not only bottling experts—they are also qualified in many other specific areas. For example
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