• Nahea ia ma'iti i te hoê taata e mau nei i te tareta imiraa faufaa?

    Noa'tu eaha te huru ohipa, e mea titauhia te faanahoraa no te haponoraa i te mau tareta imiraa moni. Ia rave ana'e oe i te hoê tareta ohipa mâ mai roto mai i te tareta imiraa faufaa nehenehe roa, ua haapapû muhu ore te tahi atu pae i roto i to outou aau. No reira, te hoê taata e mau nei i te tareta imiraa faufaa, o te tapaeraa maitai roa a'e ïa no te mau tareta imiraa faufaa. Then I will introduce several common business card holder materials. 1. When buying metal, the first consideration is its structure. Take a few minutes to try it out and check the hinges, hardware, and interfaces for each activity. After all, it has to withstand repeated use every day. The second factor to consider is the quality of the metal-if you don't want to pull a business card out of a…
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  • Aamu o te feia e mau nei i te tareta ohipa

    Ei taata tietie i te haamaramaramaraa papû, no te mau taata imiraa faufaa, te hoê tareta faaetaetaraa faufaa o te taahiraa matamua ïa no te iriti i te hoê opani faufaa rahi i roto i te ohipa.. E mai te mea e iriti mai outou i te hoê tareta imiraa faufaa mai te hoê pute moni e aore râ mai roto mai i to outou pute, e mana'o huru ê rii râ e aore râ e mea apî rii oia i teie taime, e hinaaro oe i te hoê tareta ohipa e tu'ati nei ia oe. "Every job you do with your customers will inevitably give you frequent business cards. Business cards are an effective tool for you to connect with others. Unless you only need to work in T-sleeve jeans and work hard, whether you wear casual clothes or formal clothes At work, you need to make your business card look as smart as you. It…
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  • Nahea ia ma'iti i te pute moni e tano ia outou?

    I te taime hopea i vauvau atu ai au i te tau tuuraa o te mau pute moni. Ma te hi'o i te mau huru pute moni huru rau, nahea e ti'a ai ia tatou ia ma'iti i te pute moni e tano ia tatou? I teie taime, e arata'i au i te mau taata atoa ia hi'o e nahea tatou ia ma'iti ia faaruru e rave rahi mau pute ma'iti Ma'iti o te pute moni: 1. E mea ti'a ia hamanihia te hoê pute iri puaa mai te hoê pute iri puaa, e puatoro mâtauhia anei, lizard or crocodile leather, nylon or the like is not considered, even if it is functional. Of course, the coating exception of LV 2. The requirements of a good wallet are similar to those of a briefcase, and the quality is excellent. The line should be straight, the left and right sides should be balanced, the creases, corners, and edging…
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  • Te huru pute moni

    Te mau pute moni, Pute na roto i te reo peretane, ua faaohipahia no te tape'a i te moni, e e rave rahi taata tei tuu atoa i te mau tareta ID e aore râ te parau faati'a faahoro. Te faaohipa nei te taata no teie tau i te moni papie. Te auraa o te ta'o Wallet o te hoê ïa pute papa'i tei roto te moni api parau. Huru pute moni: Pute ouma (pute moni ouma, pute moni roa, mai te huru ra e, te pute ouma, aita ïa e fifi) E hoho'a mâtau maitai teie pute piriha'o, the money inside does not need to be folded, and can be placed neatly. In addition to putting money, you can also put some notes. Checks are more popular abroad, so they are also used to put checks. The purpose of this wallet design is to put it in the inner chest pocket of your clothes. If you have coin change, you…
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