Making that first impression count is all about defining Color, Style, Paket. We can help you with all of this.

Package design from concept to

When it comes to wallet, bu sizning buyumingizni tik turadigan yoki yiqitadigan dizayn sifati. Sizning fikringizni amalda o'zgartirishda sizga yordam beradigan ijodiy dizayn guruhi kerak.

Benefit from

This would allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of your brand and project needs, and can help you shape the brief.

  • Creative ways to achieve your vision
  • Decoration and design opportunities
  • Production processes and implications for design
  • Potential quality issues and how to avoid them
  • Sustainability and the environment

We guide you through a simple 3-part process

#1 Defining the brief

Whether we're working from a sketch or we’re using a sample of another wallet, or just discussing your ideas, we will be working patiently with you to comprehend your exact requirements.
Our design team will further investigate your requirements and not only generate ideas that suit your original brief, but will also take into consideration a feasible price as well as manufacturing alternatives and improvements to aid production and filling.

#2 Design development

Once the design has been created, a wallet specification drawing is produced to define measurable features of the wallet, whilst observing the manufacturing limits. At this stage, we need to validate the technical specification prior to production. Our cross-functional team of industrial designers and engineers is ready to assist with:
Logo design, package design, 3D design, product molding, Feasibility analysis of production process etc.

#3 Sample Production

Once the product design confirmed and feasibility analysis is passed, we will process to wallet sample to ensure that we are happy with production and that is meet your requirements. You will have the opportunity to test the samples, to feel the use experience, package before giving formal approval to process the bulk production.

#Complete technology support

Our engineers specialize in understanding market challenges and demands, and are focused on producing best-in-class wallet for our customers. A great combination of functionality, color and material is what makes our advanced solutions for clients' brands.

#Non-disclosure agreement

We strictly abide by and enforce the confidentiality agreement signed with our customers!